ShowOHI/O Presenters

Project/Startup Group Project Description
119 Beenabled For those who experience recurring medical events, 119 is a communication tool that guides bystanders through personalized emergency responses to support a more independent and fulfilling life.
3rdWheel 3rdWheel A date planning service offered through an app where people can create a date based on everyone's preferences and share it/edit it with all who are involved.
Abacus Dylan Frost Abacus is a business tool for individuals seeking to start an online business and grow their digital storefronts, and aids in navigating the financial and logistical challenges along that journey.
Analyze It! Kristen Elliott A middle-schooler’s guide to software analysis, Analyze It! is an engaging story for the innovators of tomorrow and makes learning information technology fun and approachable for readers of all ages.
CASMARC The Tinkerers We decided to build a passive wheelchair collision detection system to ensure wheelchair users have the necessary safety features. The CASMARC is able to detect if an object's proximity might result in a collision.
Clean Hands We Demands Blubber Bread Annihilation Drill A product to encourage hand hygiene before entering a patient's hospital room, Clean Hands We Demands makes use of a now commonplace occurrence: hand sanitization stations.
DAtAnchor DAtAnchor Inc. DAtAnchor is a simple and affordable universal transparent encryption solution. It ensures your data is unable to leave your business without your consent.
Electrion Electrion LLC Electrion provides turnkey mobile energy storage services by repurposing second life automotive packs to provide a cost effective, easily accessible, and sustainable mobile energy solution.
Ikonos Analytics Ikonos Analytics We are driving the adoption of AI and Analytics by up-skilling the workforce and streamlining processes.
In Vehicular Sanitation System (IVSS) NES Our product is a compact UV sanitizer that can be used to sanitize the steering wheel before and after the user is in the vehicle. This product can save time and ensure the safety of the driver.
OdderJobs Pangolin Falcons We break down the barrier of digital for service providers and contractors, by connecting homeowners to contractors through a device-agnostic service.
Opendemia Opendemia Opendemia is a website designed by students, for students, to make research and writing both quicker and easier so they can make a larger impact!
Prunus Wheelchair Sakurates Designed and implemented a wheelchair model that has several features to ensure the safety of the user.
ReHeva Biosciences ReHeva Biosciences, Inc. ReHeva Biosciences is a clinical stage biotech startup company founded in 2016 that develops anti-cancer treatments based on rigorous research.
Sleepalyzer Chemical Clarinets Cheap, easy, and comfortable sleep analysis without the need to go to a hospital or purchase an expensive at home kit.
SudBud Scrubly The SudBud is a friendly alert system to promote proper ICU hand hygiene. The system combines practical visual alerts with Wi-Fi tracking of hospital-wide compliance in an easy to implement system.
Tap For Service Tap For Service, LLC Are you ready to grow your service business online? We'll build the technology to do it. With a custom website, mobile app, and scheduling tools, we make it easy to connect with your clients.
Tunable Extended Release Capsule (TERC) Vitranu, Inc. We have designed injectable, biodegradable drug delivery devices to sustain release of bioactive therapeutics 6-12 months in the eye. Devices are being evaluated to treat retinal diseases.
Vital Fine Fellows Implementing vital-checking kiosks in unconventional medical settings to improve access to healthcare and telehealth technologies.
Zephyrbot v1 Zephyrbots LLC A single drone can produce enough noise to damage one's hearing. Now just imagine how a fleet will sound. We aim to alleviate these concerns, hereby increasing the operational use cases of drones.