The Ohio State University's
annual makeathon.

Make OHI/O 2024 has concluded. Come back next Spring!

In-person at Knowlton Hall and online
March 23-24th, 2024

Welcome to MakeOHI/O

On March 23rd and 24th, join us at MakeOHI/O—the Ohio State University's largest makeathon—for a weekend of building and creating real projects with awesome people. Over 200 undergraduate and graduate students will design, build, and demonstrate projects to a live audience of students, faculty, and representatives from tech companies. MakeOHI/O is put on by OHI/O, a student-led organization that aims to build and foster the tech community at Ohio State University.

Meet other passionate, fun and creative students from OSU and universities across the nation. Our industry partners are also sending professional developers, designers, marketers, and hustlers to provide mentorship. If you're interested in participating, all attendees must adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Meet great people.

Learn something new.

Build something amazing.


Saturday, March 23rd

Time Event
9:00 AM Check in starts (if in person)
10:00 AM Opening Keynote
10:30 AM Hardware Kit Distribution
1:00 - 2:00PM Lunch Served
2:30 - 3:30PM OHI/O Organizer Panel
3:00 - 3:30PM Resume Review
4:00 - 5:00PM E-Club Chip Manufacturing Workshop
7:00 - 8:30 PM Dinner Served

Sunday, March 24th

Time Event
1:00-7:00AM No Re-Entry to Knowlton Hall
9:00 AM Breakfast Served
12:00 - 2:00 PM Judging Period
1:00 PM Lunch Served
3:00 PM Showcase Begins

Event Winners

OHI/O Winners

  1. 1st - Ver-Make-Celli

    Team Members

    • Dominic Blackston
    • Luke Henize
    • Michael Cech
    • Nick Cech

    Project Description

    The "digi-cane" is an innovative product designed to replace conventional mobility aids like canes, utilizing a glove or clip-on device that assesses the proximity of objects. It conveys this distance information to the user through escalating vibration frequencies.

  2. 2nd - Bot Squad

    Team Members

    • Vraj Shah
    • Krish Sanghvi
    • Jay Oswal
    • Rahul Nalam

    Project Description

    NotifI enhances home security by integrating AI for a user-friendly and intelligent notification system. It surpasses conventional security setups with features like facial recognition, instant alerts, and a live ChatBot for emergencies.

  3. 3rd - RoundSquare

    Team Members

    • Chanuth Ranathunga
    • Dersu Goorskey
    • Jacob Suter
    • Lindsey Allen

    Project Description

    KAM empowers adults with disabilities like Down Syndrome in the workplace by supporting their special needs with AI assistance and feedback.

  4. Mystery Prize #1 - Mediocre Amateurs

    Team Members

    • Matt Schmidt
    • Balaji Kurapati
    • Court Freund

    Project Description

    A smart cane that can bring a new world of intuition and safety to the visually impaired.

  5. Mystery Prize #2 - Old School

    Team Members

    • Jeffrey Wen
    • Saurav Shastri

    Project Description revolutionizes medical documentation by using AI to record and transcribe patient interactions, creating EHR-formatted summaries with cutting-edge machine learning models like OpenAI's Whisper and Google's Gemini. This technology significantly reduces the time physicians spend on EHR documentation after patient visits, leading to more efficient and accurate medical records.

  6. Mystery Prize #3 - The Cool Beans

    Team Members

    • Sawyer Ramsey
    • Bret Shaffer
    • Garrett Nerone
    • Michael Erickson

    Project Description

    Designed for MakeOHI/O 2024, BEAN (Bio-Emergency-Aid-Navigator) employs a DJI Mavic Mini drone with YOLOv8 and a custom drop system to deliver first-aid materials to individuals in emergencies like forest fires. Future plans involve upgrading the delivery system with improved drones and materials, as well as enhancing model accuracy to broaden the project's applications and affordability.


  1. 1st - DJNC

    Team Members

    • Dario Prescenzi
    • Jacob Rudolph
    • Colin Gagne

    Project Description

    A system employing wheels and non-stretching string is utilized to independently and precisely control the XY linear stages, achieving a remarkable precision of 390 nanometers per step. This method enhances the accuracy of movements in applications requiring fine adjustments.

  2. 2nd - paidLunch

    Team Members

    • Brendan Pfahl
    • Matthew Surowicz

    Project Description

    Moves the slide platform with a manual joystick, allowing for both fine grained and rough grained modes of motion.

  3. 3rd - Josh & Mikayla

    Team Members

    • Josh Herron
    • Mikayla Conforto

    Project Description

    An automated, stepper motor controlled stage


  1. 1st - Banana Bread

    Team Members

    • Dhaanish Kaja
    • Spencer Lee
    • Erik Kyselica
    • Brandon Young

    Project Description

    Blind Spotter uses Commuter Vision Processing using AI and other algorithms to detect potential blind spots. Tested using custom-made remote-control car and real-world footage.

  2. Medalist - No Name

    Team Members

    • Derek Oberlin
    • Gagan Karnati
    • Quill Vanroodselaar
    • Kyle Park

    Project Description

    This project uses AI to create a graph of a location from which an optimal path is determined and output to the user based on their movement ability and perception abilities.

  3. Medalist - Makemagic

    Team Members

    • Disha Patel
    • Varsha Venkateshwaran
    • Shristi Keshri
    • Tharune Kanagasabai

    Project Description

    Park Assist utilizes ultrasonic sensors and AI algorithms to detect available parking spaces in real-time, facilitating quick and convenient parking for drivers. Its intuitive interface and integration capabilities promote sustainable urban mobility by reducing congestion and emissions.

  4. Medalist - No Sin Da Woo

    Team Members

    • Thanish Boggula
    • Chethas Pyla
    • Sahas Uppalapati

    Project Description

    The Hummingbird walker is a specialized walker to assist people with visual and mental impairments. It has a joystick controlled, 180 degree FOV distance alert system, which triggers a vibration motor when objects are within 3.7 meters.

Human-Centered Computing Challenge

  1. WBY&HXY

    Team Members

    • Alvin Huang
    • Bingyao Wang

Neurotech Sidequest Challenge

  1. AKEHG

    Team Members

    • Ryan Kaltreider
    • Andrew Holton
    • Ryan Schley
    • Ye Lin

Videos from Events


Here are some common questions that people ask. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

What is a makeathon?

A makeathon is similar to a hackathon. Both are events where participants build awesome projects from scratch in just a few short hours. The difference between a MAKEathon and a HACKathon is that we are encouraging projects to be maker-oriented, and therefore physically making something!

Who can participate?

Anyone who is a student at a university! We encourage all levels of expertise to join. Whether this is your first makeathon, or you've been to other make- or hackathons across the nation, MakeOHI/O provides an opportunity to collaborate and create something amazing. All participants are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

I want to register for MakeOHI/O! What's the timeline?

Registration is open! If you want to be eligible to receive a hardware kit, you must register and have a team before the event. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

What sort of projects do people make? How can I get hardware?

Teams make all sorts of things! Previous projects have included mobile apps, websites, smart mirrors, light-up glasses, pancake printers...the possibilities are endless. Hardware will be provided. Please see the hardware page for details on what hardware will be available at the event. Hardware will be available at the event venue during the event.

Is this event free?

MakeOHI/O is free to participate in! We want all students to have an opportunity to work on projects with hardware, which is why we’re also providing free hardware kits for MakeOHI/O.

Do I need a team?

All participants should be in teams of 2 to 4, but don't worry if you're coming in without a team. OHI/O provides opportunities before and during the makeathon to find a team. Team formation will be ongoing in the Discord server up to the event. We will post more information on team formation on our event website and in Discord but step one is to register for participation.

Do I have to have an idea before attending/registering?

Nope! Many students come up with an idea while at the makeathon or by addressing one of our proposed challenges. By talking to fellow students you'll find opportunities to brainstorm ideas that pique your interest. you get stuck, we'll have a nice list of ideas to help you out. This year, we recommend discussing possible ideas with your team before kit pickup opens so that you have a better idea of what hardware to choose for your kit.

Can I mentor?

Yes! We welcome individuals with knowledge and expertise in various topic areas to help mentor students at MakeOHI/O. If you're interested, please contact us to find out more information!

How are projects judged?

MakeOHI/O 10 is transforming its project submission and judging process to provide a dynamic and interactive experience for participants and judges alike. This year, teams will present their projects in virtual Zoom breakout rooms, each hosting up to 12 teams for a 4-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session. Whether choosing a live demo or a video demonstration incorporated into presentation slides, each team will have the opportunity to showcase their project’s innovation and impact. On presentation day, Zoom links will be distributed, and teams are required to join their designated breakout room promptly. For more detailed information on the submission process, presentation preparation, and judging criteria, please visit this link. Remember - the competition is only a small part of the event! The most important part is to have fun and build something amazing.

Are any projects not allowed?

Even something as small as a relay controlling a lamp being on could be hazardous with exposed wires. For safety reasons, projects involving high voltage such as Tesla coils, jacob's ladders, or plasma speakers are discouraged. If you are unsure if your project will be allowed, please ask! We reserve the right to shut down any projects that we deem as unsafe. We want the event to be awesome and electrocution or other physical injury is not so great. Please bring your own fuses if you intend on working with the mains or otherwise high voltage project. Railguns, coil guns or any other projects with weapons are prohibited. Projects such as an induction furnace are similarly prohibited for an obvious fire hazard. For more information regarding what technical resources are allowed, click here!

Wow, this all sounds so great! Who hosts MakeOHI/O?

MakeOHI/O is hosted by OHI/O and the Electronics Club here at OSU. You can find more information about OHI/O and our other events at


Without our sponsors and supporters, MakeOHI/O wouldn't be possible. By joining us, you'll be in touch with some of the best developers, designers, and builders in the state. Our team will ensure that you have an incredible experience.

Ohio State Digital Union



Automated Patterning System [Google Doc]
Description: Explore the CMU Hackerfab website as a resource to innovate & demo initial hardware and software components for micro-making. The focus of this challenge is photo-patterning equipment stage. Design and develop parts of the photo-patterning such as microcontroller closed loop feedback for positioning a DIY stage. Teams are welcome to explore other additional components to further improve their patterning stage. The primary goal of this challenge is to deliver an automated photo-patterning stage with statistical data showing alignment position accuracy on a given sample and from one sample to the next. Each team will be provided with the below devices to design and develop their automated photo-patterning stage.
Prize: $100/$50/$25 Amazon gift cards for each team member for 1st/2nd/Honorable Mention


Innovating Mobility through Human-AI Collaboration [Google Doc]
Description: How can we challenge traditional mobility paradigms and envision a future where AI enhances mobility and empowers users?
Prize: One $400 Amazon gift card for one top team, $200 Amazon gifts cards per team for three medalist teams

Human-Centered Computing

Wearable Sensors for Measuring Core Stability [Google Doc]
Description: Core stability encompasses the acts of aligning the body with respect to gravity and maintaining, achieving, or restoring the body center of mass relative to the base of support or, more generally, within the limits of stability during daily activities. Quantifying core stability is relevant to several clinical applications, including individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and brain injury. Today’s “gold standard” in monitoring core stability is camera-based motion capture, which is, unfortunately, constrained to laboratory environments. This challenge is seeking a wearable solution for measuring core stability in a reliable, accurate, low-cost, and seamless manner.
Prize: Raspberry Pi Kits for each team member for top team. Top 3 teams will be showcased at the April 1 Human-Centered Computing Workshop


Prizes are distributed per team member—each member of a winning team will get their own prize.

Prizes for this years event! :

1st Place

Apple AirPods Max

2nd Place

Acer Gaming Monitor

3rd Place

Logitech MX Master 3S

Mystery Prize 1

Mystery Prize 2

Mystery Prize 3

Winning Capstone Team Prize

$200 Amazon Gift Card (Split Amongst Group)

Hardware & Resources

Take a look at this year's hardware!:

Starter Kits:

  • ESP32 Development Board

  • ELEGOO Electronic Fun Kit Bundle (E2)

  • ELEGOO AC 100V-240V to DC 9V 1A Converter Adapter


  • Joystick

  • Button

  • Tilt Switch

  • Photoresistor

  • 10kΩ Potentiometer

  • Humiture Sensor

  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor

  • Infared Rx/Tx/Remote


  • Arduino Nano

  • I2C LCD 1602

  • 7-Segment Display

  • 4-Digit 7-Segment Display

  • Active Buzzer


  • 6x Color LEDs

  • Motor/Fan Set

  • ULN2003 Driver + Stepper

  • 5V Relay

  • 74HC595

  • L293D

  • S8050 Transistor

  • 1N4007 Diode

  • Breadboard

  • Breadboard Power Module

  • 100kΩ Thermistor

  • Jumper Wire Kits

  • 4 channel level shifter

Connectors & Components:

  • Power Supply Module

  • Diode Rectifier (1N4007)

  • NPN Transistor (PN2222)

  • IC 4N35

  • IC 74HC595

  • 22pf Ceramic Capacitor

  • 104 Ceramic Capacitor

  • Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V)

  • Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V)

  • Resistor (10R)

  • Resistor (100R)

  • Resistor (220R)

  • Resistor (330R)

  • Resistor (1K)

  • Resistor (2K)

  • Resistor (5K1)

  • Resistor (10K)

  • Resistor (100K)

  • Resistor (1M)

  • 40-pin pin header

  • 400 tie-points Breadboard

  • Jumper wire

  • Female-to-male DuPont Wire

  • LCD1602 Module

  • Breadboard Expansion Board

Additional Resources:

  • The Digital Union offers laser cutting and 3D printing in Enarson!

  • Bolz Hall Makerspace, Bolz Hall 114: The makerspace offers a rich selection of tools and equipment tailored for woodworking, metalworking, electronics, and painting, complemented by spacious work areas. Its inventory encompasses resources conducive to various creative pursuits, fostering an environment that is ample for innovation and exploration.

...and more!, (all input and output devices come in a plastic container)

Mentoring and Judging

Mentorship & Judging sign-ups are closed!
Come back next Spring!

MakeOHI/O 2024 is set to be March 23rd-24th! Join us for our virtual makeathon as we give students the unique opportunity to receive hardware and develop projects from the safety of their homes.


Our mentors, available both online and in-person, offer their expertise to participants throughout the event. They will be on hand in scheduled shifts to answer questions and provide direction, ensuring projects are on the path to success.


Judging will take place virtually on the final day, from 10:45 AM to 2:00 PM, via Zoom and Discord. Participants will present their projects to our panel, engaging in feedback and discussion. Access details and presentation guidelines will be provided in advance.

Get Involved

Your expertise can significantly impact our participants’ experience. Sign up as a mentor or judge to help shape the future of innovation at MakeOHI/O 2024. More information, including how to join our event space, will be available to those who register.

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