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Friday, March 5th

6:00 PM Opening Ceremony!

Saturday, March 6th

All day Project work, presenters and virtual game rooms

Sunday, March 7th

11:00 AM Video submission deadline
11:30 AM Noon judges start viewing
12:00 PM Judges and student Q&A
2:00 PM Judging scores are submitted
2:00 PM Challenge winners submitted from sponsors hosting challenges
2:00 PM Internal score processing
2:30 PM Showcase prep
3:30 PM Showcase begins

Contact & Safety

Event Location:
MakeOHI/O is virtual this year!

Please keep in mind OHI/O's friendly space policy and MakeOHI/O's Code of Conduct!

Organizers can be found in our Discord. Reach out for help!

What do I do with my build after MakeOHI/O?

Our year-end tech showcase features projects from events throughout the year including HackOHI/O, MakeOHI/O, Datafest, IdeaPitch and more. Create your build this weekend, then work with us to expand and polish your project to present it to Columbus tech professionals in April.

OHI/O Sustainability Team:
OHI/O is working hard to create a year-round community of builders and hackers that are excited about creativity and technology. We offer the opportunity to network with Tech industry professionals looking for new hires and interns, the chance to stretch your problem solving skills in a low risk environment with the potential for tangible real world impact and outstanding portfolio pieces but most importantly being apart of OHI/O is where you’ll meet amazing friends now and well into the future. Get Involved.