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Saturday, February 29th

9:30 AM Check-in opens Knowlton Main Doors
9:30 AM Breakfast Buckeye Donuts
10:30 AM Opening Keynote Auditorium
11:15 AM Making Begins
12:30 PM Lunch Donatos
3:00 PM Battelle Tech Talk: Hardware Security Auditorium
6:00 PM Dinner Piada

Sunday, March 1st

1:00 AM Snacks
7:00 AM Breakfast Panera Bread
8:00 AM Judging Registration Opens Register Here!
11:00 AM Judging Registration Closes
11:00 AM Lunch Bibibop
11:15 AM Making Ends
12:00 PM Judging Begins
1:30 PM Showcase Begins Auditorium


Contact & Safety

Event Location:
Knowlton Hall
275 W Woodruff Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210
OSU Public Safety (non-emergency):
(614) 292-2121

Please keep in mind OHI/O's friendly space policy and MakeOHI/O's Code of Conduct!

Organizers are wearing dark gray shirts. Reach out for help!

What do I do with my build after MakeOHI/O?

Our year-end tech showcase features projects from events throughout the year including HackOHI/O, MakeOHI/O, Datafest, IdeaPitch and more. Create your build this weekend, then work with us to expand and polish your project to present it to Columbus tech professionals in April.

OHI/O Sustainability Team:
OHI/O is working hard to create a year-round community of builders and hackers that are excited about creativity and technology. We will be offering a number of resources and mentorship opportunities to builders that continue to work on their projects throughout the year.