Dominik is a fourth year CSE major. He is specializing in data systems and is also involved with the Open Source club. In his free time he likes hiking and working on side projects.
Dominik Winecki HackOHI/O Lead Connect with Dominik
Grace is a fourth-year majoring in Computer and Information Science from Cleveland, OH. Her hobbies include baking, eating, and exploring coffee shops. Alongside involvement in OHI/O, she regularly participates in ACM-W.
Grace Cao HackOHI/O Lead Connect with Grace
Josh is a third year CSE Major planning to specialize in artificial intelligence. Josh has a passion for cooking and trying out new foods. Additionally, he also enjoys playing the violin on occasion.
Josh Wang MakeOHI/O Lead Connect with Josh
Harshi is a third year CSE major from Columbus, Ohio. She’s most likely going to specialize in data analytics or artificial intelligence with a minor in math. In her free time she loves to cook and experiment with film photography! Other than OHI/O, some student orgs she’s involved in are BDAA and ACM-W.
Harshi Kosaraju MakeOHI/O lead Connect with Harshi
Matthew is a third-year CSE major specializing in software systems from Lima, Ohio. In his free time, he likes to give back to the community, spend time with family and friends, and try new things. Matthew is also the Vice President of Circle K International at Ohio State.
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Martha Cibasu ShowI/O Lead
Thomas is a third-year Computer Science and Engineering major from Chicago, Illinois. In his free time, he likes to volunteer, do voice acting, and play the viola. Besides OHI/O, Thomas is a Humanitarian and ODI scholar with membership in the LSAMP and Morrill programs.
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Chris is a fourth year Computer and Information Science major from Columbus, OH. Chris enjoys, trying new foods, watching movies, and spending time with friends. Besides OHI/O, Chris is an active member of Cru.
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Sounak Dey, Sophomore, Computer Science and pre-med. Outside of OHI/O I'm also involved in USG as a deputy director of student affairs and am also doing research in neuroscience at Nationwide. Other than that I enjoy watching sports, hanging out with friends (adhering to COVID guidelines obviously lol), and working on small personal projects.
Sounak Dey Sustainability Lead
Matthew is a third year CSE major specializing in Artificial Intelligence from Cleveland, OH. His interests include cooking, stock trading, and teaching others. Besides OHI/O, he loves attending meetings hosted by other OSU tech clubs to learn new things! Some of his favorites are BDAA, AI Club, and Competitive Programming Club.
Matthew Hu Sponsorship Lead
Shashwat is a second-year CSE major from Dublin, Ohio. He will most likely specialize artificial intelligence with a psychology minor. Some of his hobbies include running, reading, cooking, and trying new things.
Shashwat Rao Marketing Lead
Julia (BS ECE, M.Ed.) started at Ohio State in 2017 as the first Program Director of OHI/O and has grown the offerings and strength of the program by building rapport with the industry partners. She focuses on current tech trends, problem-based learning, and encourages students to continue exploration of topics of interest.
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Cal (BA, BS) comes from a background of Community Building, Marketing, and MAKE-ing in her previous role as Chief of Staff at the Idea Foundry. She serves on the Big Local Arts committee at the Columbus Arts Festival and the Franklinton Arts District Board. Her drive is to make space for inclusive tech programs that empower individuals to impact their community and make positive change in the world.
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