Central Ohio's
annual high school hackathon.

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2 Miranova PI, Columbus, Ohio
March 23rd, 2019

Welcome to Columbus

On March 23rd, join us at High School I/O—a one day hackathon for high schoolers hosted by OHI/O, Ohio State's hackathon program. We aim to provide high school students an opportunity to learn about computer science in a fun, engaging, and inclusive environment.

Meet and work with other passionate, fun and creative students to build real technology projects. There will also be the opportunity to develop new friendships, build connections with professional mentors, and learn soft skills for success in the real world. If you're interested in participating, all attendees must adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Meet great people.

Learn something new.

Build something amazing.

Donate to our fundraiser to help us make our program free for participants!


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Here are some common questions that people ask. If you have any additional questions, please contact the program coordinator at lengade.3@osu.edu.

Does High School I/O cost money?

High School I/O is free to participate in thanks to our supporters.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an informal learning event that brings together students with varying experience to create, innovate, and build a project all within one day.

What should I bring?

You are highly encouraged to bring a laptop from home if you can. Be sure to bring any applicable chargers, dress comfortably, and bring anything you might need during the day.!

What will I eat?

We will be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all participants. We will have snacks available throughout the day. We've got participant's food restrictions covered too.

Can my parents come with me? Can I stay with my student?

Parents are more than welcome to visit at any time during this event. We encourage parents to attend the showcase at 7:30 PM to check out all of the amazing work that the students have created.

How do teams work? Do I need to have a team?

Hackathons are team driven! You will get to work in small teams of 2-4 students. You can either team up with classmates before the event or find your teammates during team formation activities the morning of.

Do I have to have an idea before attending/registering?

Nope! Many students come up with an idea while at the hackathon. By talking to fellow students and mentors, you'll find opportunities to brainstorm ideas that pique your interest. If you get stuck, we'll have a nice list of ideas to help you out.


Without our sponsors and supporters, High School I/O wouldn't be possible. By joining us, you'll be in touch with some of the best developers, designers, and builders in the state. Our team will ensure that you have an incredible experience.



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