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New Entrepreneurship Opportunities at HackOHI/O!

HackOHI/O is an event dedicated to making, building and coding innovative solutions that address real world problems. Unlike pitch events HackOHI/O encourages students to prototype and demonstrate their work in a 24hr invention marathon. This year OHI/O teams up with the Keenan Center to provide entrepreneurship support for these big ideas and prototypes. Teams at HackOHI/O will now have access to the following:

  1. Any team that completes HackOHI/O will be invited to participate in the Best of Student Startups (BOSS) program.
  2. The 1st place winner at HackOH/IO will receive an automatic invitation to pitch at the Best of Student Startups (BOSS) Finale.
  3. The 1st place winner of HackOH/IO will also receive an automatic invitation to participate in Boost Camp, a six-week pre-accelerator program for the President's Buckeye Accelerator. Boost Camp participants will have the chance to pitch at the President's Buckeye Accelerator Pitch Finale in spring 2023 which selects six ventures to each receive $50,000.

These programs prepare students to take their projects to the next level and offers them invaluable entrepreneurship experience. Register for HackOHI/O and build something amazing then take advantage of this continued support to build a brand new opportunity!


President Johnson, Brutus and the Ohio State Marching Band drum major arriving at a State Tour stop.


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