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OHI/O’s Mission

The OHI/O Program fosters a tech culture at Ohio State and its surrounding communities, ultimately providing students the opportunity to learn and build with real technologies outside of the classroom. Through the platform, OHI/O better connects students to real world problems and opportunities by engaging with the community and industry partners.

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OHI/O History + Vision

OHI/O aims to enhance the student learning experience and engagement between students, community members, industry professionals, alumni and staff. OHI/O emphasizes providing students an informal and diverse learning platform regardless of experience or background. The OHI/O organizers possess a fundamental belief in the power of creation and are dedicated to empowering students to develop skills such as technical ability, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. In other words: to grow the excitement, the camaraderie, and access to resources for the thinkers, the makers, and the do-ers of Ohio State.

Beginning with the university’s first hackathon in 2013, the annual event has grown from 100 students in the library basement, to 200 students in 2014, and most recently to 800+ students in 17,389 sqft Ohio Union Ballroom. In addition to the flagship hackathon, the OHI/O platform introduced satellite events in 2014 hosting Ohio State’s first hardware focused hackathon, MakeOHI/O. In 2015, OHI/O sponsored Ohio State students to attend GiveBackHack, a local hackathon focused on social entrepreneurship. Through promoting and supporting additional tech events both on and off campus, such as TownHacks and DataFest, OHI/O aims enhance the student learning experience and engagement between students, community members, industry professionals, alumni and staff.

OHI/O Program Growth

In 2018, the partnership model began to grow. Events in collaboration with other student organizations include DataI/O, HackAI, Capture the Flag, BioHack and more.

Through the platform, OHI/O better connect students to real world problems and opportunities by engaging with the community, alumni and industry partners.

OHI/O Program Overview

OHI/O Timeline

OHI/O Leadership

Program Support

‣ Julia Armstrong, Program Director
‣ Meris Longmeier, University Libraries, Faculty Director
‣ Jeremy Morris, Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty Director
‣ Steve Bibyk, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty Advisor

The Student Executive Board

The SEB ensures the progress and execution of OHI/O projects and initiatives. This nominated and peer-approved leadership body is a subset of the larger OHI/O Student Organization.

The OHI/O Industry Advisory Board

The drivers for programming come from the 9-12 highly engaged corporate sponsors and their representatives on the IAB. This board meets at least twice a year to review progress, evaluate current engagement models, and help steer topics and emerging tech trends into the student experience.

‣ Michael Fortin, Corporate VP Microsoft
‣ Anita George, Director, Windows, Microsoft
‣ Peter Glotfelty, Microsoft
‣ Winnie Li, Microsoft
‣ Beth Pan, Microsoft
‣ Joan Smit, Strategic Research, Honda
‣ Dan Manges, CTO, Root
‣ Steve Keller, Asst. Director, CAS
‣ Greg Tacchetti, SVP/Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, State Auto
‣ Derek Kramer, VP & Chief Digital Officer, AEP
‣ Greg Filipkowski, VP & Chief IT Exec., AEP
‣ Wiley Elliot, Project Mgr., AEP
‣ Aaron McCanty, Cyber Computer Scientist, Battelle
‣ Luke Waltz, VP of Engineering, Crown Equipment
‣ Kevin Kepp, VP IT Development, BigLots

The OHI/O Faculty Advisory Committee

A select group of faculty and staff from Ohio State who meet three times a year to review progress, help develop co-curricular programming, and seek partnerships campus-wide.

‣ Julia Armstrong, OHI/O Program Director
‣ Callie King, OHI/O Program Coordinator
‣ Meris Longmeier, Univ. Libraries
‣ Meris Longmeier, Univ. Libraries
‣ Jeremy Morris, CSE
‣ Steve Bibyk, ECE
‣ Rachel Kaifez, EED
‣ Roman Holowinski, Math/Erdos
‣ Amy Thaci, Eng Career Services
‣ Danny Dotson, Univ. Libraries
‣ Tim Raderstorf, Innovation Studio
‣ Josh Roush, TDAI
‣ Chris Orban, Physics
‣ Jessica Phillips, Digital Flagship

The OHI/O Consortium

Our events wouldn’t be possible without support from our partner organizations on campus. In addition to event support, we value their feedback to improve the OHI/O Program components. Many of our events are co-hosted with these organizations:

‣  ACM-W
‣  AI Club
‣  Biomedical Engineering Society
‣  Business Builders Club
‣  Cybersecurity Club
‣  Electronics Club
‣  Engineers Council
‣  Innovation Studio
‣  Math to Industry Club
‣  Medical Innovation Club
‣  University Innovation Fellows
‣  Women in Cybersecurity


Want to get in touch? We’re happy to discuss events, partnerships, collaborations, and any questions you may have. Reach out to us at hackathon@osu.edu.


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