What is HackOHI/O?

HackOHI/O is a 24-hour hackathon that attracts over 800 participants annually for a full weekend of coding, learning, networking, and innovation. HackOHI/O gives students a unique, experiential-learning opportunity to build technology projects from scratch in a welcoming, supporting environment.

Teams can come with an idea themselves or can take inspiration from challenges presented by our supporting companies and organizations. After the 24-hour "hacking" session is over, teams present their projects to industry experts and judges to get feedback and compete for prizes.

HackOHI/O is hosted by OHI/O, a student organization at The Ohio State University. OHI/O is dedicated to fostering tech culture at Ohio State and its surrounding communities in Central Ohio.

In 2022, HackOHI/O will be celebrating it's 10th year Anniversary! OHI/O is proud of the legacy Hack has created at Ohio State and hopes to make this years Hack the best yet. This year, Hack will feature additional hype events, more event festivities, and bigger prizes. We hope to see you there!

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HackOHI/O 2022 Winners

HackOHI/O General Awards

First Place


Members: David Novikov, Khalan Le, Kiran Wijesooriya, Estevan Ortega

Second Place

Team Awesome

Members: Nicholas Cheong, Vraj Shah, Srikar Maduposu, and Sam Reichman

Third Place


Members: Mark Fong, Quincy Barrett, Phillip White, Sarah Keck

Fourth Place

Lorem Ipsum

Members: Inesh Tickoo,Alex Gulko,Jackson Hicks,Shashank Raghuraj

Fifth Place

Houston 6

Members: Rahul Medicharla,Ethan Young,Jack Italiano,Henry Schneider

HackOHI/O Sponsor Challenge Awards

ENGIE Winners

Cheese Fan Club (ENGIE 2nd Place)

We used the data given to us and created a program using python-pptx that can generate a PowerPoint from Python code. Given data sets, it condenses the information into weekly differences(last week compared to current week) that will be read by a student. The data also allows users to compare the consumption between two different dorms to foster competitive spirits when saving energy(prizes could be involved). It can easily scale with larger datasets if more data is collected. The data summaries on the PowerPoint are color coded based on improvement or worsening of energy consumption based on the last week: red for worse and green for better. There is a list of tips for dorms and 'non-dorms' to look at in order to save energy. For each week, the dashboard collects two random tips from the desired list to display in order for the dashboard to have freshness and new info every week such that students can remain inspired to save energy.

Members: Salim Karimov, Ayyoub Abdel-Aziz, John Li, Grace Jiang

Thimble (ENGIE 1st Place)

This is the development log for the ENGIE HackOHI/O X Challenge to build an energy dashboard display.

Members: Skylar Stephens, Kate Goertz, Manny Jauregui, and Avery Doctor

AEP Winners

Whatever is good with me

Displays an easy-to-use webpage for the complicated data set provided by AEP and a thorough analysis of the meaning of the data.

Members: Dhruv Sekhawat, Nilay Patel, Henry Redder, and Erich Boschert

AWS Winners

TCR Workers (Best Technical Effort)

With recent crime rates on the rise, it is important for students at The Ohio State University to stay updated on recent crimes happening throughout or near campus. This creates awareness of in order to promote a safer campus, which can allow for a positive culture to thrive. Our project utilizes a combination AWS services and Amazon Alexa to deliver a product that gives the most recent crime directly from official Ohio State Crime logs. We believe that this is an excellent additional to Alexa as it gives the most recent campus crime regardless of the newsworthiness of the crime. Safe Campus=Positive Culture. Members: William Sun, Eddie Zink, Allen Chen

Banana Bread (Best Overall)

Due to medical disabilities, dementia is a huge issue that inconveniences many students and the surrounding community. Memory Companion is our solution to provide individuals with a personal AI to keep track and record memories to provide instant recollection of your most treasured moments. Stop by our discord channel to see a live demo.

Members: Brandon Young, Dhaanish Kaja, Erik Kyselica, Russell Zhu
HONDA Winners

import team_name (Honorary Second Place)

Using a web application, we're allowing users to match with other users who are walking alone off campus with a similar route to allow them to walk together to increase overall safety. A verification process will limit the users to OSU students, and relevant analytics can be shared with campus safety groups to help avoid dangerous situations.

Members: Nathan Waltz,Paul Koenig,Samiul Islam,Zheng Ji Tan

kristina_johnsons_team (2nd Place)

We are able to detect when driviers are distracted inside a car and give a warning to alert them to pay attetion. We collected the dataset ourselves by recording good and bad driving examples. We then trained a yolov5 model to recognize the difference between distracted and good driving behaviour. When a person is engaged calming blue and green lights come on. When a person is distracted, first we turn on red light, then a buzzer, and finally a vibration to get them to pay attention to the road.

Members: David Novikov,Khalan Le,Kiran Wijesooriya,Estevan Ortega

Runtime (1st Place)

Audio-assisted navigation for the visually impaired and elderly to guide them to a destination safely. The goal is to reduce the continued reliance on another individual. The app utilizes a Navigator that would record waypoints along a path from a start to a destination. The Adventurer would then follow the audio cues provided by the app to safely avoid obstacles and follow the steps to their destination. The goal is not to replace their existing facilities, but to act as an enhanced aid. Tracking is done via GPS, with images being used to verify waypoints more accurately. We also developed an AI model specially trained to perform this check on-device with low resource requirements and high speeds, however, is pending full integration. The app is designed to be accessible and simple with large touch-targets, clear instructions, and also cross-platform and open-source. This idea and application have great potential for future development and scope-enhancement, and we plan to continue working on it in the longer term. Members: Pallavi Sisodiya, Parth Kharwar, Pulkit Arya


HackOHI/O provides opportunities for industry and academic professionals to work directly with students.

Mentors will assist participants throughout the event with any questions or concerns they may have while creating their project. We welcome individuals with knowledge and expertise in various topics to help mentor students at HackOHI/O. This year, mentors can participate both virtually and in-person.

Judges will help us score teams on October 9th by reviewing their projects in the form of a video submission and live discussion with the teams. This year, judges will be virtual only. If you are interested in attending the event in-person and want to judge, please sign up to be a mentor as well.


Want to get connected with professionals? Interested in submitting a resume to our sponsors? Take a look at postings from our sponsors and submit your resume here!:

Social Media


View our Hack OHI/O X Union Map

Saturday - October 8th

8:00 AM Check-in Starts Outside the Ballroom, 2nd Floor
8:10 AM Team Formation Opens Senate Chamber Room
8:15 AM Visit Sponsor Tables
8:30 AM Breakfast Opens Grand Ballroom
9:30 AM Opening Remarks/Keynote Grand Ballroom
10:00 AM Hacking Begins!
10:05 AM Last Chance Team Formation Senate Chamber Room
11:00 AM Tech Talk: AWS Senate Chamber Room
12:00 PM Honda Speed Interviews for Internships Senate Chamber Room
1:00 PM Lunch Grand Ballroom
2:00 PM GAME 1: Trivia Great Hall Meeting Room, 1st Floor
2:00 PM Veeva Raffle
3:30 PM GAME 2: Paper Airplanes Senate Chamber Room
4:00 PM Explore Student Orgs Outside the Ballroom, 2nd Floor
5:00 PM GAME 3: Bowling Outside the Ballroom, 2nd Floor
6:00 PM Stress Management Activity Student Alumni Council Room
7:00 PM Dinner Grand Ballroom
8:00 PM Alumni Karaoke Party
9:00 PM GAME 4: Jeopardy
11:00 PM Building Closes: you must check in to reenter

Sunday - October 9th

12:00 AM Midnight Snacks
1:00 AM No Re-Entry to the Union
7:00 AM Building Opens: Re-Entry Begins
7:30 AM Breakfast Ballroom
10:00 AM Hacking Ends!
10:30 AM Judging Begins ONLINE
11:00 AM Lunch Opens Grand Ballroom
2:30 PM Showcase Opens Performance Hall, 1st Floor


Every year our sponsors host corporate challenges to solve a problem in their industry using their technologies, data or tech stack. They have their own prizes and judging criteria, separate from the main prizes, so be sure to ask any questions you have about a challenge in the respective company discord text channel!

AEP - Wind Turbine Data Analytics [PDF] [DATA]

AWS - Use Alexa to improve the Ohio State community [PDF]

ENGIE - Build an energy dashboard [PDF]

Ohio Stadium - Envision the future of The 'Shoe [PDF]

Honda - Universal Basic Mobility [PDF]


Official HackOHI/O prizes this year!:

Award Prize
Grand Prize Apple iPad Air (2022) Apple iPad Air 2022
Second Place Oculus Quest 2 Oculus Quest 2
Third Place Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
Fourth Place Beats Studio3 Headphones Beats Studio3 Headphones
Fifth Place Bose SoundLink Speaker Bose SoundLink Speaker


Supplies provided by EClub:

• Arduino Uno
• Breadboards
• Resistors
• Capacitors
• Trimpots
• Potentiometers
• Servos
• Motors
• Speakers
• Buzzers
• Bluetooth and Wifi modules
• All kinds of sensors
• Microphone modules
• Switches
• Buttons
• Relays
• Male and Female Header Pins
• MicroSD Cards
• MicroSD Card readers
• Wires
• Jumper wires
• Software Defined Radios
• Keyboard and Mouse
• MicroUSB Cable
• USB-A to USB-B Cable
• HDMI Cable
• Small LCD Displays
• Batteries
• PVC Pipes
and more!

• Power supply
• Oscilloscope
• Waveform Generator
• Multimeter
• Soldering station
• Heat gun
• Various hand tools
• Some power tools
• Calipers
• Wire cutter/strippers
Innovation studio resources:
  • Laser cutting equipment and materials:
    • Cardboard
    • Acrylic/wood for small project boxes etc.
  • 3D printing small prints
  • Hot glue, adhesives and various hand tools for assembly
Check out the Innovation studio at go.osu.edu/innovationstudio!


A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don't have to be a programmer, and you certainly don't have to be majoring in Computer Science. (Definition adapted from MLH organizer guide).

This year we will be hosting a hybrid event that is virtual and in-person. While we encourage teams to attend in person, there are ways for students, sponsors, and mentors to join us virtually and still participate. It is imperative that all participants, regardless of in-person or virtual status, join the HackOHI/O Discord server to get access to all the event-specific details. The join link will be sent in a confirmation email after the registration form has been completed.

Everything will work as before but be virtualized using different technologies. There will still be access to mentors, sponsors and other hackers. If you plan to attend virtually, be sure to join the HackOHI/O X Discord for pertinent updates when you receive an invitation.

Anyone who is a student at a university! (AKA if you have a .edu email address, undergrads and grad students are both welcome). We encourage all levels of expertise to join. Whether this is your first hackathon, or you've been to hackathons around the nation, HackOHI/O provides an opportunity to collaborate and create something amazing.
Note, unfortunately, if you are under the age of 18 AND you are not an OSU student you are not eligible to participate (OSU Policy). However, if you are an OSU student under the age of 18, you are eligible to participate. Likewise, if you are not an OSU student AND you are over the age of 18, you are eligible to participate.

The registration for HackOHI/O 2022 is open! Register by clicking here. Since we are planning to provide free meals for those who participate in-person, we will also send a short confirmation email a week before the event. If you have any questions about the registration process, contact registerhackohio@gmail.com.

You can pick a team to join in the Discord Server. Teams can be anywhere from 2-4 members, and we require for all participants to be in a team to be eligible for judging. If you are looking for a team, we'll be providing opportunities before and during the hackathon to find one. We'll be posting more information on team formation events in our newsletters and on our social media accounts - be on the lookout!

That's okay! One of the goals of a hackathon is to learn new skills, and we will have mentors available to help you throughout your project. We will also host workshops prior to the hackathon to introduce you to new programming languages and/or tools. And remember, there are other ways to help out a team in their development beyond programming.

Yes, this event is free for all participants! We would like to thank our generous sponsors and supporters for making this possible.

Nope! Many participants come up with their ideas at the hackathon. Challenges presented by our sponsors will be released the week before the event, which also spark idea formation (and the chance for additional prizes!)

The spirit of a hackathon is to see what you can accomplish in one weekend. Although we will not prevent students from entering with pre-built components, when you enter your project for judging we ask that you are honest and transparent with the judges about what and how much was accomplished during HackOHI/O.

HackOHI/O provides opportunities for industry and academic professionals to work directly with students.

Mentors will assist participants throughout the event with any questions or concerns they may have while creating their project. We welcome individuals with knowledge and expertise in various topics to help mentor students at HackOHI/O. This year, mentors can participate both virtually and in-person.

Judges will help us score teams on October 9th by reviewing their projects in the form of a video submission and live discussion with the teams. This year, judges will be virtual only. If you are interested in attending the event in-person and want to judge, please sign up to be a mentor as well.

If you're interested in being a judge or mentor, please sign up at https://go.osu.edu/volunteerhack

Yes there will! Swag pick-up will happen as you enter HackOHI/O the morning of October 8th. Unfortunately, OHI/O is unable to ship swag to virtual participants. However, virtual participants who win awards will have prizes shipped to them.

Yes! Just mention the person who will pick-up for you in the comments on your signup, or let an organizer know.

This year, the Electronics club will be providing basic materials for the event in-person. You are more than welcome to still build with your own materials!

HackOHI/O is hosted by OHI/O, an Ohio State student organization. Check out our other events at hack.osu.edu. Sign up for our mailing list to keep up to date with our activities). If you're interested in joining our team of amazing student leaders, reach out to hackathon@osu.edu.

HackOHI/O X will operate based on the current Safe and Healthy protocols. For more information, visit: https://safeandhealthy.osu.edu/events