HackOHI/O 2021


Welcome to HackOHI/O 2021! Annoucements and Updates will show up here

General Info

  • View the hackathon schedule here!

  • View the union event map here!

  • Location

    • The Ohio Union
      1739 N. High Street Columbus, OH 43210
    • Discord Link
  • Networking/Activities

  • Required Attendance Events

    • Opening Ceremony Nov 6th @ 9:30am ( Zoom Link )
    • Closing Ceremony Nov 7th @ 2:30pm:
  • Judging Criteria

    • Technical Difficulty: How complex or difficult are the knowledge and skills needed to implement this project?
    • Creativity: Have you seen this idea before? Is the project unique and different?
    • Wow Factor: Does the project captivate you or stimulate your fascination? Was there anything extra impressive about the amount of work, complexity, creativity.
    • Impact: Does the project seek to introduce positive change in some way? Change does not necessarily have to be societal but can seek to improve on current tech, offer an innovative solution to some problem, etc.
    • Polish: How finished is the project? Is it well designed? Was the team able to successfully implement their ideas?
  • This event is made possible thanks to our sponsors!

  • More detailed information specific to each role below!

Detailed Information

  • Rules

    • Code of Conduct
    • Teams must consist of 2-4 students.
    • All work must be done during the weekend. Do NOT start work beforehand.
  • List of sponsor challenges and their descriptions.

    • Remember! Every sponsor with a challenge is available for questions. Find them in Discord and our website.
  • Prizes and Awards

  • Networking/Activities

  • Helpful Resources

  • Need a helping hand? You can ask a mentor for help by going to the mentor room in Discord or dropping a line in the #ask-a-mentor channel.

  • Mentors have a dedicated channel in the Discord!

    • During HackOHI/O, mentors and participants will be communicating in the #ask-a-mentor channel. If participants have a technical question while working on their project, participants can post their question and team name in a message.
  • Particpants will reach out to you for help in via message in Discord or in the mentor discord channel.

  • On discord, mentors will be labeled with the yellow 'Mentor' tag

  • Judging Guide:

    • The guide linked above contains:
      • A Judging Overview
      • The Judging Process
      • Required Technology
      • Parking Recommendations
      • Dos and Don'ts
      • Discord Tutorial
  • Judging Timeline:

During Event (11/07)
Time Action
8:00AM EST Judging Check-In Opens
10:00AM EST Judging Orientation & Walkthrough
10:30AM EST Video Viewing Begins
11:00AM EST Meet With Teams + Q&A
1:30PM EST Score Submission Deadline
2:30PM EST Showcase/Closing Ceremony