HackOHI/O 2020

Sponsor Challenges

Microsoft [PDF]

Microsoft has been revamping Windows to make it more attractive to developers. Especially with the new release of Windows 11, we have revealed some very exciting news both for Windows users and developers! Windows is now THE open platform for developers. This means everyone has open access to run the widest range of apps on Windows, enabling all developers to build the apps and experiences that empower users to create, learn, and play. We are embracing all your apps and are working to make all apps feel right at home on Windows.

Prize: Surface Go for each member of the winning team (up to 4)

Honda [PDF]

Safety is a concerted effort of thoughtful engineering design, rigorous testing, and the awareness and experience of the driver. While Honda continues to advance its suite of in-car safety technology, we would like your team to create a driver safety solution capable of augmenting awareness in safety critical situations or coaching the driver to bridge any experience gaps.

It may be useful to reference the existing safety education material to spark ideas on how to bring safety guidance into live contexts where the driver’s actions matter most. What kind of data might be necessary to enable your solution? This could either be integrated vehicle data, or fusing additional datasets (i.e. traffic or weather) to enhance the awareness of the driver.

Finally, think about how your solution is delivered to the driver before, during and after safety-critical situations. Can your solution deliver value in all 3 timeframes? How do you balance information with distraction?


  • Winning Team: $150 Amazon Gift Cards
  • Runner-Up Team: $75 Amazon Gift Cards

Veeva Systems [PDF] [Data]

The pharmaceutical industry uses prescriber data to target doctors with life-saving medications and therapies. Companies can use the prescriber data to help understand how doctors prescribe their product, as well as helping them to track total prescriptions (TRx) and new prescriptions (NRx) for a product in a given market.

Your challenge is to build a web app that can take prescriber data for doctors to build out trending and targeting reports.

Prize: Nintendo Switch for each member of winning team

Root Insurance [PDF]

At Root we are unbreaking auto insurance by thinking of new and innovative ways to protect our drivers both financially and on the road. We will be offering a challenge to the team who demonstrates the most innovative solution to making our roads safer. This could be safer roads for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. Think about the common things that cause harm when using roadways and how technology can add safety. The sky's the limit.

Prize: $250 Uber Gift Card for each member of the winning team


AEP has hundreds of thousands of line miles to inspect and maintain. This requires thousands of man hours to accomplish. The challenge this year is to leverage drones to make that job a little easier and more efficient.

We will be providing you with a set of drone images, each with gps data embedded within their EXIF data. Alongside a kml/shape file containing the known power pole location in the area. We want you to create a way to ingest the image files and use them to map the seen poles and their locations. Once the images are mapped in the UI we also want to see a way for users viewing the images to mark or annotate damages seen within the image. We will also be providing known pole locations in the kml/shape file and would like you to try and map the poles from the images to the known poles in the kml/shape file. This might be a little tricky as the kml/shape files gps coordinates can be inaccurate. After getting the images ingested and mapped we would like to see any kind of reporting you can think of. This could be anything from highlighting areas with dense poles to the number of poles seen.

Prize: Up to four $250 Amazon Gift Card

ENGIE [PDF] [PDF 2] [Data]

Using ENGIE’s energy tracking platform, Smart Institutions, we challenge you to explore different kinds of datasets, discover energy consumption patterns across OSU’s campus, and create a compelling data visualization to share the story of the insights you have gained. You can utilize whichever types of data you wish from Smart Institutions (different types of energy consumption data such as electricity or gas, weather data, building specific data such as size or building type, etc.) and create any kind of data visualization you’d like (line chart, bar graph, 3D model, map, or a combination of several)—whatever best communicates what you have learned about energy at OSU.

Participants are allowed to use any preferred software or program and are encouraged to perform any preferred data analysis techniques (such as data cleaning/smoothing, statistical modelling, etc.) to create their visualizations. A description of what the participants have learned and accomplished as well as an explanation of their data visualization should also be provided. Solutions will be judged based on clarity, creativity, completeness of solution, impact, and use of data.


  • 1st place: Shared $300 Visa gift card plus a chance for an interview for an internship at ENGIE OSU
  • 2nd place: Shared $150 Visa gift

Capital One [PDF]

Prompt: How will you reimagine banking? Build your best financial hack to solve this problem!

Prize: $200 Amazon gift cards for each member of the winning team