HackOHI/O 2020


Connect with other students & mentors by joining our Slack workspace (invite links have been emailed)!

General Info

  • View the hackathon schedule here!

  • Location

    • Most of your time should be spent in sococo to better communicate with mentors and sponsors and social activities. We will use Slack and this website to broadcast announcements so CHECK in often!
    • Slack Workspace
      • Invite links are being sent via email on November 11th.
      • New to Slack? Don't worry!

    • Opening Ceremony Webinar link will be sent out via email.
    • Sococo Workspace invites will be sent via email during the opening ceremony based on slack check in.
  • Networking/Activities

  • Required Attendance Events

    • Opening Ceremony Nov 13th @ 6pm (no registration required, link posted in slack)
    • Closing Ceremony Nov 15th @ 3:30pm: go.osu.edu/finalcountdown (registration required)
  • Judging Criteria

    • Technical Difficulty: How complex or difficult are the knowledge and skills needed to implement this project?
    • Intuitiveness: Is the project easy for users to interact with? Is it easy for yourself or a new user to grasp?
    • Impact/Usefulness: Does the project have real-world impact? What communities will it affect in a meaningful way?
    • Creativity: Have you seen this idea somewhere else before? Is there something unique and different?
    • Wow Factor: Does the project captivate you or stimulate your fascination? Is there anything extra impressive about the amount of work, complexity, creativity.
  • This event is made possible thanks to our sponsors!

  • More detailed information specific to each role below!

Detailed Information

  • Rules

    • Code of Conduct
    • Teams must consist of 2-4 students.
    • All work must be done during the weekend. Do NOT start work beforehand.
  • List of sponsor challenges and their descriptions.

    • Remember! Every sponsor with a challenge is available for questions. Find them in Sococo and Slack.
  • Prizes and Awards

  • Judging Process:

    • Registration for judging will open at 8:00PM Saturday and close at 10:00AM Sunday.
      • Confirm your registration (different form) between 10:00AM and 11:30AM Sunday.
    • Every team is judged by 4 judges for general prizes.
    • If you opt to compete in a sponsor challenge, you will also be judged by the sponsors.
    • The top 10 teams overall plus the sponsor challenge winners will be declared "Finalists of HackOHI/O 2020".
    • Finalists will give a 3 minute final demo at the Sunday showcase. A VIP panel of judges will listen to the top teams and then the final awards will be presented.
  • Networking/Activities

  • Helpful Resources

  • Need a helping hand? You can ask a mentor for help by going to the mentor room in Sococo or dropping a line in the Mentor Slack channel.

  • Before leaving HackOHI/O we would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the exit survey at https://go.osu.edu/hack2020exit

  • Mentors have a dedicated hall in the Sococo Workspace!

  • Particpants will reach out to you for help in via message in Sococo or in the mentor slack channel.

  • On Sococo please select orange as the color of your icon to designate your mentor capacity

    • Find your self in the left side bar and click the three dots to the right of it
    • Choose edit profile
    • Select orange icon color and save
  • Please identify your mentor strengths in the available status.

    • On the left side of the top navigation bar click the down arrow next to your availability.
    • Click into the message text and replace it with the top 1-3 things you can mentor for for example: C+, Java, UI. or MS challenge, Mobility, Web Dev.
  • After you have signed up to judge:

    • Judging team is emailing each judge a guide on 11/11 with details including items below:
      • Schedule of events
      • How to join the Sococo/Slack workspaces
      • How to navigate the workspaces
      • How to do general judging with your partner
        • How to fill out scoring form + scoring from link
        • How to join a team’s room and what to ask of them (project pitch, Q&A, etc)
        • 10 minute time limit
        • Rundown of criteria
        • Link to form/sheet to indicate your judging partner
  • Judging Orientation & Guide Video (Must watch! Important information included.)

  • Judging Timeline:

During Event (11/15)
Time Action Location
Before 12:00PM EST Look at announcements in slack Slack
12:00PM EST Fill out check in form #judges-hq channel
12:30PM EST Receive PDF of teams they are judging #judges-hq channel
Receive judging pair partner #judges-hq channel
1:00PM General judging begins Sococo
Join sococo rooms of teams they are judging Sococo
Fill out score forms for each team Link given in #judges-hq channel
Finish judging each assigned team Sococo
3:00PM EST General judging ends