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OHI/O's Mission

The OHI/O program was created in 2013 with the goal of fostering a tech culture at Ohio State and its surrounding communities. The program has created Ohio State's first hackathon, as well as spin-off events including the hardware-focused Makeathon, ultimately providing students the opportunity to learn and build with real technologies outside of the classroom. OHI/O is a student-driven, self-sustaining platform that now runs Ohio's largest hackathon, bringing together 600+ students from various schools nationwide with the support of over 30 industry partners.

OHI/O History + Vision

The OHI/O program was founded with the goal of fostering a tech culture at Ohio State and its surrounding communities. In other words: to grow the excitement, the camaraderie, and access to resources for the thinkers, the makers, and the do-ers of OSU.

Beginning with the university's first hackathon in 2013, the annual event has grown from 100 students in the library basement, to 200 students in 2014, and most recently to 500+ students in 17,389 sqft Ohio Union Ballroom. In addition to the flagship hackathon, the OHI/O platform introduced satellite events in 2014 hosting Ohio State's first hardware focused hackathon the Makeathon. In 2015, OHI/O sponsored Ohio State students to attend GiveBackHack, a local hackathon focused on social entrepreneurship. Through promoting and supporting additional tech events both on and off campus, such as TownHacks and DataFest, OHI/O aims enhance the student learning experience and engagement between students, community members, industry professionals, alumni and staff.

OHI/O emphasizes on providing students an informal and diverse learning platform regardless of experience or background. The OHI/O organizers possess a fundamental belief in the power of creation and are dedicated to empowering students to develop skills such as technical ability, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Through the platform, OHI/O better connect students to real world problems and opportunities by engaging with the community and industry partners.

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Want to get in touch? We're happy to discuss events, partnerships, collaborations, and any questions you may have. Reach out to us at hackathon@osu.edu.

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