Park Side of the Moon

Matching those who have parking and those who need to park

Taylor Case, Kiran Bangalore, Zach Saylor, Ritvik Vasudevan


Enables underprivileged citizens to make music using augmented reality

Alfred Shaker, Crissa Candler from Indiana SE + Kent State

Buckeye Current

Monitors a driver's vital signs during a race

Aaron Bonnell-Kanga, Clayton Greenbaum, Sean Harrington, Nate Derry

Team 71

Helping victims find assistance in emergency situations

Taylor Okel, Kamari Wright, Kayli Doll, Joshua Pavlica

Schedule 4

Economical Pulse Oximeter management system

Trey Hakanson, Greg Miller, Ian Hansborough, Allen White


Crowd-sourced heart rate heatmap powered by wearables

Drew Relyea, Nicholas Meyer, Danny Flax, Mohit Deshpande

Bears Bears Bears Bears

Helps children better understand health

Jim Cavoli, Alex Cueto, Michael Gans, Matthew Mohr

Dig Wood, Love Work

Helping people walk home safely with a connected safety alarm

Alec Workman, Luv Jain, Connor Wood, Max Dignan

The Darwin Project

Eliminating long lines and boring forms with a mobile app

Ryan Williamson, Tony Duco, Derek Wang

Swimmy Band

QR-code medical record sharing

Chris Paxton, Steven Gates, Blaise Marchetti, Kate Xin